QuickBooks Online in Act! for Web


The Xact Link for Act! and QuickBooks Online is the original and only live connection to selected QuickBooks accounting products for Act! for Web.

Your customer-facing staff and sales people can access sales data, check customer balance and even create invoices and estimates - all from within Act!. A complete workflow solution with 'contained' access to your financial data in QuickBooks.

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Contact Integration - A "QuickBooks" tab within Contact details view, no need to open multiple browser or browser-tabs.
Customer overview allows sales and manager to get a live snapshot of the current customer info and sales progress.

"SmartLink" - Links to an existing customer record in QuickBooks Online with just a few clicks.
Create and Update a QuickBooks customer record from an Act! contact.
Import a QuickBooks customer to Act! can be done easily with search-as-you-type process.

Sales transaction shows the customer's list of estimates and invoices, including progress and payment status.
View, create and modify estimate or invoice, right from within Act!
Search as you type allows you to quickly find item and add sales lines.

Print, Email, or Attach the PDF using the template you have in QuickBooks Online, all with just a few clicks.



  • Act! for Web version 20.1 and newer

  • QuickBooks Online account

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Act! Link for QuickBooks Online is currently only available for North America.


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